DEKALB COUNTY, GA- The newly elected mayor of Rochester announced Monday that DeKalb Public Safety director Cedric Alexander would become that city’s Deputy Mayor.
Alexander, 62, served as the city’s interim police chief in 2005, and had been in off-and-on contact with now mayor Lovely Warren since her election in 2013. Alexander announced back on March 1 that he was resigning, effective the end of the month. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said Alexander is already well-known among residents and police officers.
As interim chief in Rochester, Alexander made $162,000. The job he is leaving in Georgia had a base pay of $176,800, while records show the deputy mayor post will pay him $140,730.
Alexander will continue working in DeKalb through the end of March. His deputy mayor job begins April 24.
He has appeared on national media networks to provide comment on police-community relations and has written editorials for CNN titled “How to Build a Sensitive Cop;” “Police and Communities of Color Need to Build Trust;” and “Attacks on Police are an Attack on Community.”

Alexander was also one of 11 police professionals to serve on President Obama’s task force on 21st century policing. He has also testified before Congress on such topics as intelligence gathering and sharing and police-community relations.


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