Ok…so we love our gadgets right? Smart phones, smart TVs you know the deal. But have you ever felt like (INSERT SONG Feds Watching 2 Chainz) Well if you have you may not be as crazy as your friends thought. We recently found out through Wikileaks that our CIA has engaged in a hacking program named Weeping Angel which the CIA can listen to everyday devices like smartphones, view your pics and videos, watch you through some Smart TVs even when their off and take complete control of smart cars. The CIA hasn’t denied it. But don’t panic. It is still illegal for the CIA to do this to Americans on American soil…at least that’s what they tell us. My question is, who else can do this? What other countries have this ability? Maybe we have ourselves to blame for these intrusions. After all we have a long history of giving up privacy for convenience and safety. We got cameras everywhere to protect us and all of our devices remember everything we do to add convenience to our lives…just something to consider. So if you ever think about creeping remember them folks might be watching. Let me know your thoughts!  Listen to Rashad Richey every weekday on News and Talk 1380-WAOK from 10am-1pm. Join our poll & listen below.