The inaugural match for Atlanta United finally arrived Sunday accompanied by an audible buzz. There were 55,297 supporters crammed into Bobby Dodd Stadium creating such a frenetic bustle, no one could doubt this city was ready to embrace, and go somewhat bonkers for, soccer.

Kyle Tait and Craig Carlos-Valentino were on hand to witness Atlanta United’s explosion onto the MLS scene. They breathed in every smell and captured every moment and then sat down to share their experiences in the form of the inaugural episode of our soccer podcast, “Off The Woodwork.”

Some of the highlights:

  • After Tait and Carlos-Valentino introduced the new podcast, they recapped the match between New York and Atlanta.
  • There was a discussion about developing a soccer culture in Atlanta and how it happens organically.
  • One of the two hosts may, or may not have, watched the entire game from the pitch, a huge no-no for us non-camera media folk.
  • Since the four main supporter groups made the match such a delight, Tait and Carlos-Valentino welcomed Matt Stigall of Terminus Legion in to talk about the game, the team and what Terminus Legion stands for.
  • There was a discussion about United defender Greg Garza’s Fitbit.
  • Tait and Carlos-Valentino also previewed the upcoming battle of the expansion sides, Atlanta versus Minnesota.

LISTEN to “Off The Woodwork” Episode 1 by clicking below:


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