ATALANTA, GA — It’s been a two year wait for some metro-area internet customers wanting Google’s fiber internet service. The question, when will service be available to them. The arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet that oversees Google Fiber, recently transferred hundreds of workers from it’s fiber division.
Amid growing inquiries, Google insists the rollout of it’s service remains on track. However,that didn’t end questions about Alphabet’s commitment to Google Fiber as the company struggles to build the system out because of the high cost of fiber installation.

It has been two years since the tech giant announced plans to provide internet service in nine metro-area counties. Google said from the onset, areas in the initial offering would include the eastern portion of Midtown and Piedmont Heights.
The company insists it is in Atlanta to stay. A statement from Google said the company is currently offering service to many buildings in downtown Atlanta, and will continue to connect more apartments and condos along the existing infrastructure.

Recent reports by Bloomberg have suggested that Alphabet might sell off the fiber business altogether.

Comments (2)
  1. John Wayne says:

    There is demand, so whats the problem?

  2. John Wayne says:

    Good intentions, They over estimated their project and now it will go to AT&T. Thanks for the alternative provider

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