Craig Carlos-Valentino and Sean Thompson from “Championship Rounds” are back to break down this week’s action in the world of boxing.  And there is no way to talk about boxing without starting with Mayweather versus McGregor news. CCV still believes this fight will happen because there is too much money to be made by both sides to not make this fight. Sean still says NO WAY in hell they make this fight. Sean also says that not only is this fight bad for boxing, but it also does a disservice to fighters like Keith Thurman & Kell Brook.

Adrian Broner is back in the ring this Saturday and this the put-up-or-shut-up moment for Broner. The guys talk about Broner and how he has so much talent in the ring, but the Adrian Broner outside the ring has ruined things for him.

With Amir Khan asking for 70 percent split (like an idiot) to fight Kell Brook, that now gives us the fight all fight fans have been waiting for at 147 pounds.  Kell Brook will fight Errol Spence on May 20 in Sheffield England. Sean gives credit to both fighters for making this fight happen and giving the fans a real fight. Craig is worried about what kind of Kell Brook will we see on fight night? Will his eye create problems for him? Will he be too drained from making the 147 pound weight limit. Only time will tell.

And of course in the Low Blows segment Craig calls out the bums in the 126- and 130-pound division. Sean calls out Amir Khan for Khaning his fans from seeing a real fight.

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