Georgia Tech men’s basketball coach Josh Pastner joined the show to talk about the current season that could end in an NCAA Tournament appearance for the Jackets. Hugh asked Pastner what he has done to get the team to buy in. Coach said: “We’ve come a long way. This is a really good example of individuals becoming a team, and we’ve become a good team. We don’t have any individual that can lead us to victory offensively nor can we stop a guy defensively, individually. We have become a good team.”

When asked if he was surprised about how quickly the team bought in, Pastner told the guys, “I was very honest with the guys from the very beginning and I defined their roles. For us to have some success, I needed to be very honest with our guys both good, bad and indifferent.

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“… We’re not a juggernaut for us to even have a chance at success we’ve got to be near perfect in our energy in our effort, in our execution. We’ve gotta be perfect in those areas to even give us a chance. And if we’re not, then we just don’t have a chance.”

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