President Trump has been in office a few weeks now..what has he accomplished? Remember when I told you Trump’s executive order banning travel to people from majority Muslim countries was unlawful and unconstitutional? Well….the courts agreed. Seems to me the Trump administration is working on the wrong problems. He threatened to send in the feds to Chicago, wrote an unlawful executive order sending our judiciary into overdrive, continues to blast network television shows like SNL, appointed an education secretary who doesn’t believe in public education, an attorney general opposed in writing by Coretta Scott King when she was living and has an administration who believes in something called alternative facts. And most recently undocumented workers are being rounded up like cattle for deportation regardless of their criminal record, where’s the humanity in that? GET IT TOGETHER! The people who voted for you wanted you to solve problems not create them. It’s time to focus…what about job creation in our community, criminal justice reform, public education resources, helping our HBCUs just to name a few. …. Do you think it’s time for Trump to focus on our issues like he focuses on Twitter? Join our poll. 

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  1. Tammy Creo says:

    You are totally wrong, he is accomplishing what he promised and more. You don’t understand what he is trying to do because you don’t know anything, otherwise you would not be speaking that way. You need to learn about the Cabal, fake news, pedophile in Washington DC and other cities in USA. You really need to understand what is behind his hard work, and before criticizing him, check the promises on Immigration by Obama and other Democratic Leaders. You like most US Citizens are a slave, but do not know it. He is trying to destroy the slavery imposed to us without our knowledge. Read and learn before you speak. Do you know who create “Black Lives Matter”? Do you know where the money you pay in taxes go? and I can go on and on….

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