Ryan Mayer

Super Bowl LI couldn’t have started out better for the Atlanta Falcons. After a scoreless first quarter, the offense and defense combined to put up three touchdowns on the Patriots for a 21-0 lead. At that point in time it would have been easy for any of the Falcons players to be confident that they were on their way to victory. One Falcons player, wide receiver Taylor Gabriel, knew enough to realize that Tom Brady just might be able to pull off a comeback.

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In a new video from Sound FX that captured some of the players’ interactions during the Super Bowl with microphones, Gabriel can be heard trying to calm down fellow wide receiver Mohamed Sanu, who was very confident that the Falcons’ good fortune would continue.

In the video, you can hear Sanu say that the Patriots “ain’t never met nothing like this” referring to the Atlanta offense that had raced out to the big lead. Immediately Gabriel responds with a “It’s Tom Brady though.” Sanu, undeterred says that the Falcons will put up 40 points and Gabriel knowingly responds that they’ve got to.

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Granted, it’s not an explicit warning of what was to come and Sanu can be forgiven for being a bit overconfident considering the circumstances. The Falcons had just picked off Brady and taken it back for six points, the second turnover forced in the first half. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan and these two receivers, along with the rest of the offense, was rolling and would add another touchdown shortly after halftime to make it 28-3. Regardless, Gabriel seemed to know what the rest of the country came to learn in the following couple hours: never count out the Patriots and Tom Brady.