Ryan Mayer

Falcons nation is understandably devastated following their 34-28 overtime loss to the New England Patriots. The loss was particularly hard to swallow due to the team blowing a 28-3 lead over the course of the final quarter. However, all is not lost, and Matt Ryan is here to remind you of that fact.

The Falcons quarterback posted a simple message to his Instagram account last night aimed at buoying fans’ spirits and reminding them that the team will be back next year.


History isn’t necessarily kind to the Falcons as no team since the 1990-93 Buffalo Bills, who went to four straight Super Bowls and lost all of them, have returned to the Super Bowl the year after losing in the big game. Only two teams (1971-72 Dallas Cowboys, 1972-73 Dolphins) have won the Super Bowl the year after finishing as runners-up.

That all said, there are some reasons to be hopeful. 35 of the Super Bowl runners-up have made the playoffs the following season, and, as we’ve all seen, anything can happen once you make the playoffs. Secondly, the Falcons have the vast majority of their key contributors coming back next season. As much as the loss hurts, Matt Ryan is here for you, Falcons fans.