By Mark Owens

Rick and Randy Mac are in mourning and want to know how you deal with a depression filled Monday.

Rick and Randy, in for John, talk to the city of Atlanta after a devastating loss by the Falcons in the Superbowl. How do you deal with a game that we should have won and was about to bring the city a championship. What do you do to help with the depression 12 hours after a heartbreaking game.

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When Randy Mac was a kid, he would kick rocks, scream and get angry. Today, he just sulks. He has to get away and be able to reset his angry mind. Mark sticks to social media because no matter how upset he is, there is someone having a worse day. Rick offers bro hugs. He’s not afraid to walk up to a co worker and just hug it out. Paul is the guy who drinks more. He is an admitted light weight and it doesn’t take much to put him in a happy place.

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