By Mark Owens

Live from Houston, Rick and John talk about getting the call right with Mike Pereira.

Former NFL official and VP of officiating for the league, Mike Pereira spends some time talking about the good and bad calls in a game. They spend a few mins. talking about the Falcons vs Seahawks game and if Julio had PI and if it was a missed call. They talk about how hard it can be for the refs to get it right everytime. They spend a few mins on Social Media and how fans come after him all the time. He gets blamed for calls that he has no control over.

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They focus on the game and who wins. He likes the Falcons. He is so impressed with the mojo of the team and the teams speed. He thinks the Defense can pressure Tom Brady better than anybody. He sees Julio getting boxed up, but the Falcons have better weapons.

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Click below to hear Mike Pereira with Rick and John.

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