By Mark Owens

Rick and John are live from Houston with trailblazer in NFL Sarah Thomas.

She was the first woman to officiate a college football game, a bowl game and a NFL game. She talks about how bizarre her situation is, but reminds people to not let the “norm” slow you down. She laughs about how she hated the officials when she played, but now understands how much pride the refs have in the game. She talks about the criticism she gets on and off the field. She tries to be human, but also professional.

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They talk about her specific position and what her game day job duties are. She talks about how much work it takes to become a ref. Conference calls, tests, watching game film etc. She talks about the professionalism that coaches and players have showed her. The preview the Superbowl and she predicts the winner.

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Click below to hear Sarah Thomas with Rick and John.

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