Many across the country are outraged at President Trump’s executive order banning travel from some Majority Muslim countries. People of legal status were temporarily detained at airports due to the order including a student from Clark Atlanta University. A federal judge granted a temporary stay of the order stopping it’s full implementation, but is the order constitutional? Trump also said he would make an exception for Christians in those same nations he banned. I guess he believes in a religious test for Christians. Then the question becomes, What form of Christianity is acceptable?… Catholicism, Baptist, Methodist, get the point. And what about Muslims who don’t agree with terrorism, which are most Muslims by the way. There’s something in the US Constitution called the “Establishment Clause”.  The second half of the “Establishment Clause” prohibits government from preferring any one religion over another. Making any preference of religion unconstitutional. Some of you may say, this is not my problem…well it is. If trump can get way with prohibiting people with a lawless executive order now what’s to stop him from prohibiting you later? Do you agree with Trump’s executive order against travel from Muslim nations? Tell me your thoughts, comment below.


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