Ryan Mayer

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s gambling proclivities are well known at this point. He enjoys placing wagers on sporting events outside of his sport and it seems that on Sunday he was backing the Atlanta Falcons as they took on the Green Bay Packers. The boxer posted a picture to his Instagram account yesterday of a bet he placed on the Falcons to cover the first half spread of -3.5. Mayweather apparently placed $30,000 on this bet and, by virtue of the Falcons 24-0 halftime lead, he won $25,000.



The Falcons made any bettors who placed money on them in the game happy as they easily covered the 4.5 point spread with their 44-21 beatdown of the Pack.

The boxer didn’t just bet on the NFL this weekend. He posted a picture on Saturday of a bet that he placed on the Cincinnati-Tulane men’s basketball game that took place that day. On that bet, Mayweather won $90,000.


Must be nice to have the kind of money to be able to place $25,000 bets like it’s nothing. Or place $100,000 bets on a basketball game that most of the country likely didn’t even know happened. But, when you’ve made over $700 million in the course of your career, I guess those bets are a little easier to stomach.


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