Rise up, Atlanta Falcons Fans.

On this Friday before the NFC Championship Game, I want to congratulate you. Because no matter the game’s outcome, you, the fans, have proven that you are “True to Atlanta” and loyal to the Falcons.

All season, I’ve co-hosted the Wade Ford Tailgate Show outside the Georgia Dome. It’s a good time. A reaaal good time.  But before last week’s NFC playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, the tailgate had a totally different energy. It was electric.

You fans came out extra early, so much so that I barely made it on time to the tailgate with all the traffic. You, the Atlanta Falcons fans, were extra loud and proud, and everybody was wearing their favorite player’s jersey.

Now, I don’t know if some of you Falcons fans just got your jerseys for the playoff game, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that you actually spent your hard-earned money on a jersey is testament that Falcons fans are buying what Coach Dan Quinn is selling. It’s the Brotherhood.

Coach Quinn spoke all season of the Brotherhood, which he described as every player having a voice and accomplishing everything as a team. Quinn said the connection is so strong between the players because they all rely on each other.

Coach DQ also called you, the fans, a big part of that Brotherhood. He said you create the environment that Falcons play in. Coach called it an “honor and a privilege” to play in front of you, the fans.

Now, I bleed Green. I will always have allegiance to the team that made my NFL career, the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s the team that I gave my all for. The team that I fought for to win an NFC Championship, and lose a Super Bowl. I love the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles fans, who have always supported me.

But now the city of Atlanta and you, the Falcons fans, have adopted me, like you have so many of us transients who move to the A from every other place. It’s now my time to show support to you, the Atlanta Falcons fans, and the team that I cover for 92.9 The Game.

I’m here to tell you: I believe in the Falcons’ Brotherhood. I am a part of the Brotherhood. It’s a great time to be a Falcons fan.

The “In Brotherhood” hype video gave me goose bumps. It touched all of us on different levels, but we all related to it. It’s about overcoming obstacles in life, and with resolve you can get past those humps. And that’s what the Falcons will do against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Obstacle down. On to the next one.

So, we, the Falcons fans, have a job to do this Sunday. We have to support the team and RISE UP! I think the words from Derrick Moore, the narrator in the Brotherhood video, says it all:

“Our bond: unbreakable. Our spirit: relentless. It’s in brotherhood we trust. In brotherhood, we fight. In brotherhood, we rise.”

Hugh Douglas


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