ATLANTA — Former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas on The Morning Show Thursday to talk about watching this year’s team from the outside, what it was like to be a part of the last regular-season home game in the Georgia Dome and to compare the 2016 offense to last year’s under offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

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What it was like to walk onto field during halftime of the Saints game…
“It felt really good to know that those people still stand behind you and they still love you for everything that you’ve committed and gave to that city and that team and that organization. It’s good to know people respect that and they love you for everything that you did.”

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On how this offense is different from 2015…
“I just think we took a different course of what they’re doing now. They’re doing a lot more spreading the ball around, getting the ball to different guys throughout the game. I don’t think we did that last year. People kind of figured out, watching film and it really just disrupted the timing of our offense because they knew what we were doing. A lot of things have changed from last year to this year. They’ve been doing a lot of different things; just getting the open guys the ball and mass-distributing the ball to eight, nine different guys a game. That’s how it should be ran. They’ve been very, very successful in Atlanta.”

On what you’ve seen from the Falcons…
“I think they’re rolling. I think they’re coming in and have won a lot of games going into the playoffs. That’s what you want to do. You want to be on a hot streak. I think they’re coming in red hot. They put up a whole lot of points through the whole season. I think the personnel is really, really good as far as running backs and receivers, they’re really talented. I think Alex Mack has made the whole difference in the O-line, just being able to make the calls and things like that. Matt [Ryan] doesn’t have to do so much as the quarterback. He can read, go through his progressions like that, and if he has to audible he [doesn’t] have to worry about the line calls and stuff like that this year. That’s an important part of it and he’s done a spectacular job.”

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