Rick, John and Harry Douglas talk about being loyal vs making cash with today’s Slice of Life.

Rick is very persistent about Falcons Fans NOT selling any extra tickets to a GB fan. If you do that, Rick calls you a sell out. John understands that times are tight and sadly, has no problem if you can make a few grand off a $200 ticket, but he’s not condoning it. Former Falcon and current Titan Harry Douglas reminds fans that its Loyalty over Royalty. Remember your roots. How much would you spend?

Mark and Paul chime in and admit if they could make a 1000% profit, selling Falcons tickets would be attractive. However, that’s a first world problem they don’t have to worry about. We take some calls and texts about your selling price. Rick wont spend money on a ticket if its not a good seat. He’s not afraid to spend big money on a big seat.

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