Fulton County Commissioners have endorsed a plan to leverage the alcoholic beverage licenses of convenience stores in unincorporated Fulton County in exchange for establishments improving safety conditions around those businesses. According to the county, under the plan, establishments that have had a history of high crime activity will be asked to make security improvements to avoid further action, including loss of their liquor licenses. Resolution sponsor, District 5 Commissioner Marvin Arrington, Jr. says, “Thanks to all of the community members who supported this effort and made this possible.” Arrington adding, “I look forward to working with all stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan to further address these issues as we want residents to feel safe where they live, work, play, and buy.”

Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman John Eaves says that everyone’s heart is in the right place. According to Eaves, “We want to make our community safer and passing this resolution is a first step for us to come up with a comprehensive strategy to stop these criminals.”

Under the ordinance, in lieu of, or as an alternative to, having their licenses suspended or revoked for a due cause violation establishments cited could be asked to provide additional security measures which will assist in protecting the patrons of these establishments. Those improvements could include additional security personnel and/or surveillance cameras for the properties.

“Having the ordinance passed today sets the tone for collaboration with the police and the county,” said Daphne Jordan, a community activist with the High Crimes in South Fulton Task Force. “What I hope the community learned is to not sit back and do nothing.”


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