By Mark Owens

Its a week of joy with Christmas and Falcons this weekend on the 5 at 10.

They kick the show off talking about Johns day off at the gun range and he did pretty good. Paul is so proud of John Michaels. To the world of sports and the Falcons are in game mode, preparing for Saturdays game at Carolina. Dan Quinn also talks about the rivalry and how its a fun series. To the Pro Bowl and Falcons have 6 players chosen. Matt Ryan and Matt Bryan made the team plus a few more surprises.

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To the NBA and the Hawks host the Timberwolves tonight, Rick is getting pimp dressed up for court side seats. Show off.  They talk more NBA News including ejections, non ejections and finally, to CFB and Bowl Season. The crap games are winding down while the good ones are almost here.

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