By Mark Owens

Rick and John catch up with Hawks Coach Mike Budenholzer

Coach Bud talked about the loss to Orlando and what is was like to give up that many points and the chances they gave to them through bad play. Bud said they chalk up the loss to bad luck due to Orlando’s good shooting and poor execution. Mike told us he thinks the Hawks have been inconsistent on both ends of the court to win but thinks they are playing better offensively but not on defense. Coach Bud talked about their comeback in Milwaukee and how they were able to put it together starting in the third quarter.

Bud talked about his staring line up and how he’s monitoring how many minutes some of the guys are getting when coming back from injury. Mike talked about Dwight Howards frustration for not getting calls from the refs and how he doesn’t get the whistle from the refs like other players do. Coach Bud gave us his assessment of the technical foul on Dwight during the Orlando and how he still feels it wasn’t warranted but sees the other side of it and respects it. Bud mentioned how focused the team will be to play Toronto again Friday.

Click Below to hear Coach Bud With Rick and John



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