Craig and Sean are back once again with another edition of Championship Rounds.  The guys look back on one of the big fights that went down recently, preview a busy boxing Saturday, and look ahead to Miguel Cotto’s return to the ring in the not so distant future.

As for Craig Aka CCV he is in high energy and ready to react to the Visaly Lomanchenko’s recent destruction of Nicholas Walters.

“Lomanchenko is fast, throws great combinations, and has a great defense, he’s the perfect fighter,” said CCV.

Sean AKA the Peanut Gallery thought he learned more about Walters than Lomachenko in this fight.  And what he learned about Walters was far from positive.

“We’ve seen Walters miss weight and now we’ve seen him quit in a fight where he was being outclassed but not beaten to a point where quitting made sense.  Arturo Gatti and Diego Corrales are rolling over in their graves when they see someone who committed to stepping into the ring quit like that.”

Both guys see sky’s the limit for Lomanchenko and some big fights on the horizon for him in 2017 and a strong case for him to be 2016’s fighter of the year.

In other news it’s a busy fight weekend with another potential 2016 fighter of the year Terrence Crawford stepping into the ring against John Molina Jr. in Crawford’s hometown of Omaha.  IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua returns to action and puts his undefeated record on the ling against the gritty Eric Molina from England.  Another title is on the line as Joseph Parker and Andy Ruiz battle in New Zealand tonight for the WBO title.   Los Angeles is also the home for a big fight to determine who’s one of the best at 154 pounds as Julian Williams and Jermall Charlo battle it out.

There is one other fight happening in LA, but the Peanut Gallery is definitely not a fan of that one and makes it very clear this week.

“This fight shouldn’t be happening.  Period.  What did this one doctor know that all the other doctors didn’t to allow this fight tonight to be happening?  I have a hard time supporting this fight let alone talking about it.”

One fight that is happening in early 2017 is the return of Miguel Cotto who will be back after a 15 month layoff  and will return to the ring against James Kirkland at the new Dallas Cowboys training facility.

CCV definitely finds some humor in the location for this fight.

“So Manny (Pacquiao) has fought and sold out the actual Cowboys stadium and Canelo sold out the stadium against Liam Smith, but Cotto is regulated to the Cowboys training facility?  Clearly there aren’t high expectations for this fight,” said CCV.

PG had to chime in on this fight as well, but his issue is that it’s a Pay Per View fight, “Wait because Roc Nation is in the hole with Cotto and owes him 10 million dollars we as fight fans have to suffer and actually pay to see this fight?”

The guys hit a few “Quick Jabs” which include the 2017 Boxing Hall of Fame Class being announced, Julio Cesar Chavez Junior doing something he rarely ever does, and another young fighter gone way too soon.

And of course as is the case of each edition of “Championship Rounds” the guys finish with their “Low Blows.”  Craig focuses on how HBO seriously dropped the ball during the Lomanchenko and Walters fight while the Peanut Gallery calls out one fighter for his severe lack of commitment to the sport.

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