On Real Estate 101, Mary Gill gets an update on the protests in North Dakota. If you have not been following the story, here is a quick summary.

A new project known as the Dakota Access Pipeline Project  has been approved for contractors to install pipelines into the ground to allow oil to be transferred from state to state. However, residents in the area, who happen to be Native Americans , are against the project because they believe the pipeline will be an environmental threat to their homeland. They fear that if their was an oil spill, it would contaminate their water supply. They are also arguing that land that is being used to fulfill this project is sacred ground. Many of their ancestors were buried in the same exact spot where the construction is scheduled to take place.

Since the approval, protesters have been out on the land known as Standing Rock, fighting to protect it. It has been reported that police officials have been trying to intimidate the protesters by spraying them with tear gas and releasing police dogs. The fight has created so much controversy, that even President Obama had to step in, and temporarily suspend the project.

On the show, Mary Gill talked to one of the protesters, Quincy Shannon. He is an educator from Denver, Colorado who got involved because it was the right thing to do. He wants everyone to know that he will be continuing to help the Indigenous People on Standing Rock, and wants to encourage everyone to get involved. If you can’t make the trip to North Dakota to help protest, he did start a GoFundMe  by logging on to www.gofundme.com/standing-in-solidarity-nodapl if you would like to give monetarily. To hear more about what he experienced, listen to his interview below.


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