The race is back on in the NFC South with the Falcons divisional lead trimmed to one game Sunday thanks to Tampa Bay’s 19-17 upset win at Kansas City. Jameis Winston threw for 331 yards and a touchdown to move the Bucs to 5 and 5, Also Sunday, Hugh said “The Falcons are still in control of their destiny, they just need to go out there and take care of business.” The Falcons fell into fourth in the NFC playoff standings after Detroit beat Jacksonville 26-19 to move to 6 and 4. The Lions have a conference record tiebreak over the Falcons.

Rough day for the Hawks Sunday in New York who lost to the Knicks 104-94 to go oh for two on their weekend road trip. Dennis Schroder went 0-8 with one point and did not play the fourth quarter, the Hawks host the Pelicans tomorrow.