Dave Archer joined the show to talk some football with the guys, Zinno asked Arch which team would the Falcons rather play in the playoffs Dallas or Seattle. Arch said “Well I’d be excited to play either one of those teams because you’re in the dance, now both of those teams are playing well, but if you look at the way they are made Seattle seems like it might be the tougher of the two teams. Russell Wilson is really good at home, and they are much better on defense than Dallas is.”

Hugh asked Arch about Aaron Rodgers this season and if his better years are behind him, Arch said “No, I think he can still play Hugh, but he’s in a situation where no one is blocking for him, they have no running game at all. Now they have never had a great running game since he has been there, and then you have no one stepping up around him, guys are dropping passes when they are wide open.”