Pete Prisco of CBS Sports joined the Morning Show, Hugh asked Pete about Luke Kuechly’s concussion, Pete said “I saw a guy who has had them before, and that this might be the end of it. He did take a shot to the chest as well, and I thought it could have been his breath knocked out of him.”

John asked Pete what he thinks of the Falcons “A dynamic offense, and an improving offense, I applaud Kyle Shanahan for how he has fit the offense better this year for Matt Ryan. Getting Alex Mack has solidified the offensive line, it allows Matt Ryan to step up into the pocket and make the throws. If these young defenders can grow up in the next seven weeks this team will be a very dangerous team in the playoffs.”

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Hugh asked Pete if the Falcons could make a run in the playoffs to the Super Bowl, he told us “Yes because they have Matt Ryan, he’s taken an unfair amount of criticism and it’s not fair. The guy should be the leading candidate for MVP, but there’s Tom Brady, look what they did at Seattle, they proved they can play with anyone in the NFC, Seattle just lost two weeks ago in New Orleans. So yes, I think they will win the division, and then be an extremely dangerous team in the post-season.”

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