“Hosea Helps”, formerly “Hosea Feeds the Hungry”, has spent the last 26 years housed in the building located at 1035 Donnelly Avenue in southwest Atlanta. The organization was founded by the late civil rights icon Hosea Williams 45 years ago, and is known for its massive community holiday dinners. Now, his daughter Elisabeth Omilami, CEO of Hosea Helps, says the organization is homeless. “We were talking to some realtors about the building and about our goal to buy the building when they offered them more than $600,000 cash and bought the building”, she says. According to Omilami they have to move out in about 4 months. Omilami is trying to stay hopeful, “It may be a message from God saying ‘look I’ve got something bigger and better for you somewhere’ but it’s a shock to the organization.” Not only do they have to move 17 staffers and all the equipment associated with them, says Omilami, “we also have to move over 300 pallettes of food, we also have a large walk-in freezer, and right now we don’t have anywhere to go.” They’ve been given until the end of March to move. She calls a meeting this week with Mayor Kasim Reed “positive” adding “he was gracious and seems intent on helping Hosea Helps find a new location.”


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