Its a College Football Thursday live from Hudson Grille, presented by Bud Light.

Mark Owens and Randy Mac start the show off fighting. Then talk about the big win over AU and how Kirby needed this. They talk about the best and worst moments from the game including the D Line getting the gold star performance. They also talk about Nick Chubb and what he should do for 2017. They hear from ULL head coach Mark Hudspeth and get his thoughts on Chubb and Eason. Somehow, the conversation turns to where to hide dead bodies. Yup.

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Hour 2 kicks off with news from the SEC and how Tennessee is getting a little too ahead of themselves. Florida gets hosed from LSU and the CFB Playoffs are still up in the air, but Alabama is the clear front runner. Dawg great and NFL Vet Big George Foster hangs out and weighs in on the 2016 Season. He thinks the “fringe” fans are too emotional and need to relax. He also believes Chubb should go pro. Finally, they preview both the ULL and GT games.

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