NFL Pro Bowler and Current NFL Analyst Boomer Esiason talks about the current state of the NFL with Rick and John.

Boomer said it was amazing to watch Tony stand in front of media and admit Dak Prescott is the QB of the team. Boomer talked about other NFL teams and how they wished they had a QB like Dak right now. Boomer said he would not have thrown a flag in the Seahawks/Patriots game between Gronk and Chancellor because he thought Gronk initiated contact. Boomer talked about the product of the officials and thinks they put a great product on the field. Boomer also mentioned that this past weekend went well for officials because no one was talking about them in a negative light.

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Boomer called last week’s win for the Eagles a good win and he had picked them to win. He also told us he thought it was going to be a tough road game for the Falcons. Boomer thinks the Saints have the advantage tonight in TNF over the Panthers. Boomer said the Panthers are missing Josh Norman. Boomer talked about the play of Blake Bortles and the regression he has had this season compared to last. Boomer spent one year with Hugh Douglas in NY and said he didn’t really get to know him that well but he was a pain in the ass in practice.

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