Hawks Head Coach Mike Budenholzer checks in with Rick and John.

Coach talked about the guys coming off the bench and being able to make an impact in the game and build the confidence of the team. Mike talked about Dwight’s injury and how long he might be out. Bud talked about the confidence of Muscala and told him not to listen to him and to keep ballin’. Coach talked about their belief in the D-league and how they value using it to get players reps in order to help them get up to speed for the league.

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Mike talked about the Hawks now having their own D-league and it being located in College Park will help them maximize the growth of their players. Bud described the play of Muscala and how he is affecting play on the court when he is in the game. Coach told us that Dwight’s impact on the team has been really positive especially in rebounds. Mike talked about how they balance minutes on the team and that they try to keep players fresh and that helps them build the bench.

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