Brett McMurphy joins The Morning Show, Brett said  “I had Clemson 3 and Michigan 4, so it didn’t really surprise me too much. Ultimately they really don’t matter, there is no way that Ohio State and Michigan will be in the final rankings because they play each other. The way thing I wonder is if Ohio State will get “TCU-ED” because if they don’t play on championship Saturday, would the committee drop them out for not playing in the B1G ten championship.”

John asked Brett if the B1G is the most powerful conference in the country, Brett said “If the best conference is the one with the National Champion out of it then I would say it’s the SEC, but if it’s most ranked teams then you have to go with the B1G, but if its top to bottom depth, I think it’s the Pac-12, the B1G is very top heavy. The Pac-12 is stronger than any other conference from top to bottom, including the SEC.”