It’s been a wild and wooly roller coaster ride of a College Football season thus far including the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ranked teams losing on the same weekend for the 1st time since 1985… And while parity can be fun, it’s also not a reason to expand the current 4 team Playoff format.

In a year where it seems like so many teams are close together because of upsets the reality is they really aren’t.  First, there’s Alabama… With all due respect, I don’t need them to play a #8 Wisconsin and beat them by 60 to know they’re one of the best 4 teams in CFB.

Second, as it always does when we get to rivalry weekend followed by Conference Championship games, the best of the best shake themselves out.  To think the bottom half of the Top 10 are true contenders for winning the CFP Championship (which by the way would mean winning an extra game than currently constructed) is unreasonable.

Third, you saw last year, even with 4 teams, the National Semifinal games weren’t that competitive. Teams like Wisconsin, Auburn, West Virginia are nice stories this year but aren’t set up to beat the Heavyweights in CFB on the road, or at neutral sites, multiple times over a few weeks.

I’m all for chaos… I’m an agent of chaos… Wait… Wrong movie here… But, reality is there are only 5-6 teams who can legitimately win twice over the cream of the crop… And that’s OK!  More football that isn’t competitive for the sake of more football doesn’t tickle my DNA. Give me the best of the best 4 teams and see what happens.

The College Football Playoff Committee isn’t the solution we deserve but it’s the one we need right now… Wait… Wrong movie again… But you get the point.

Keep it at just 4.


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