By Lericia Harris

Gwinnett County, GA – Two brothers who attacked their parents inside the family’s home have each been given 20-year prison sentences.

On Monday, both Cameron and Christopher Ervin pleaded guilty to several charges, including kidnapping and aggravated assault. Their parents, Zachary and Yvonne Ervin, begged for mercy saying what happened the night of September 2015 resulted from the use of drugs.

Christopher admitted he and his younger brother were high when they attempted to attack their parents. Yvonne told a 911 dispatcher her sons were trying to kill her and had also attacked her husband. She said her son’s put Xanax in their drinks before the attack. Cameron was 17-years-old at the time, Christopher was 22-years-old.

Officers said they found a bloody scene inside the home, and their father Zachary emerged from the garage covered in blood. Officials say the brothers also turned on the gas to the fireplace and lit a candle in a failed attempt to blow up the house. Both parents recovered.

During court both brothers asked the judge for the lightest sentence possible. The judge in return split the difference between request from the defense lawyers and prosecutors, giving the brothers 20 years each to serve in prison and another 30 on probation.

The younger brother goes to prison on his 19th birthday, saying in all this, he learned something



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