By Mark Owens

Rick and John are fired up with an extra hour of sleep for a Monday 5 at 10.

A big weekend in the NFL with not having to stress over the Falcons as we are still on a TNF high. They talk about the long weekend and how the Falcons needed it to rest up and prepare for the Eagles this weekend. They talk about the 2015 hangover and how some fans need to get over last year and get excited about what the team is doing this year. More NFL news including a big Raiders win, another GB loss and a squirrel.

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To the NCAA and UGA with a last min win vs KY. The Dawgs are showing life, but the season is loss. Now they are playing for a decent bowl. GT falls to UNC and Tech fans are back off the bandwagon. The #4 team loses as does Florida. The polls will be jacked up this week. Finally, the Hawks have a good weekend.

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