Once again the “Gang That Can’t Vote Straight”… Errrr… Make that the College Football Playoff Committee (You know the group that can’t keep 13 members together for 5 months of the year) has released their 1st set of rankings for the 2016 season… And once again they got too cute!

Now understand while this poll is basically meaningless it still gives us insight into how the Committee thinks… By picking Texas A&M 4th overall instead of undefeated Washington, we understand at this point the Nerds and their Sabermetrics of Strength of Schedule, Quality opponents, etc is what’s ruling here.

Maybe I’m too much of a simpleton, but isn’t the goal to win EVERY game you play no matter opponent? And a team who does that vs a team who doesn’t…Shouldn’t no losses be better than ANY loss? Only in the convoluted world of CFP and today’s America could we make things this complicated… I was raised that winning was always better than losing but what do I know…

Again… I realize this incarnation of the Poll is meaningless… And some are arguing its done to drive conversation, but that’s dopey because we aren’t arguing the merits of teams we’re arguing how dumb the Committee is… I’d guess that’s not their intent, but with this group who knows?

I’m starting to long for BCS computers, and Harris polls with Touchdown Tommy Vardell and Lloyd Carr picking teams… Oh well… Memo to the Nerds and CFP Committee… Take off your glasses and let your eyes do the picking!


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