By Rob Hamilton

We’ve had about 34 hours, as of this writing, to absorb what happened on Wednesday night in the world of sports. The longest title drought in the HISTORY of sports in America was ended. And the videos are pouring out.

Ok. So it’s advertising. We get it.

But let’s stop right there.

Some of the most beloved videos ever seen have been advertising. And it’s been going on since television was invented.

The Clydesdales? Some of the best Christmas commercials ever recorded have been about those horses. Not to mention their famous Super Bowl commercials.

That Mean Joe Green commercial from the 70’s? Sure it was a Coke commercial, but it was inspiring still.

And Budweiser has done it again.

They’ve taken one of the most iconic broadcasters in sports history and blended his audio with one of the most significant moments in the history of the very baseball team he loved and adored.

And the result is, well, emotional.


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