Randy McMichael in for John get over the mid week blues with the 5 at 10.

Wednesdays show opens by talking to Randy about his Halloween and what kind of candy he gave out. He was that sucker that told kids to only take one piece from the bowl. Sucker. From there, they hit the latest headlines starting with Sean Weatherspoon who feels like he is not ready to retire. They talk about the youth of the Falcons and how the future looks good. To the World Series and the Cubs just embarrassed Cleveland last night forcing a game 7 tonight. Rick thinks bringing Champman in early was a bad idea.

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To CFB and the first Playoff Rankings were released, they dissect how Texas A&M got in and they screwed it up. To the NBA and the 3-0 Hawks host the Lakers. Rick says Atlanta will win by double digits. Finally, Ray Allen announced his retirement, but it’s been a few years since he has played. We gave Randy Mac the chance to officially announce his retirement. It was not as sad as you would think

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