By John Fricke

Yes, that means make the Super Bowl.

Well then, why not a reason to win the Super Bowl. The only one I have at the moment is… because, Tom Brady.

Here we are halfway through the season and this club more than survived the brutal start, it learned to thrive in it.

So let’s start on the road to Houston and Super Bowl LI.

5. They will win the NFC South title. First step to the big game lies in getting a division crown and a top-4 seed.

4. This is so not last year that the likelihood of a 6-game win streak is far greater than a 6-game skid (which won’t happen anyway) and they will now move to pull away from the rest of the South in the next 3-4 games.

3. This club is a brotherhood. They use that term in the locker room a lot and they do no use it casually. Next man up means something to this squad. Dan Quinn’s imprint is becoming clearer by the week. He has built a young, fast and aggressive club that is feeding on the knowledge that if they stay in the moment they will win most of those moments. There us unquestioned buy-in to Quinn’s model through the organization.

2. They can get hot now and carry that over after the bye week (which is 2 games from now but perfect timing for a late season healing period). Hot enough to consider a serious run at a top-2 finish and a first round playoff bye.

1. This team continues to grow and get better. At their best they can beat any other club in the league. Only Dallas among the NFC contenders can say the same thing and Dallas is facing potential off field and locker room issues in the not to distant future this season. Which will leave them peaking at playoff time.

And you say?

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