Championship Rounds is back for another week and Craig and the Peanut Gallery have the latest news from the boxing world.

The much talked about fight between former heavyweight champion Wladamir Klitschko and IBF champ Anthony Joshua is now officially off due to an injury suffered by Klitschko.   Is this fight just postponed or will not ever happen?

The Peanut Gallery is not so confident we will see this big heavyweight clash happen anytime soon.

“When you give a fight more chances to not happen they tend to not happen due to all sorts of reasons.”

Boxing has been under fire from many for a very underwhelming 2016 and deservedly so.  Big fights that could have been made such as Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin were not made.  Add in the fact that there were a lot of one sided mismatches that were made and it’s easy to see boxing has had better years than 2016.  However this week both Showtime and Premier Boxing Champions announced some big and exciting matchups to finish this year and for early 2017.

Craig is definitely all in on the announcement and optimistic that it happens.

“If all the fights announced this week happen like the Frampton and Santa Cruz rematch and the Garcia and

Thurman fight then it would be great start to 2017 for boxing.”

Poor Vegas hotels aside, PG and Craig are happy that they will be in Vegas in less than a week for next weekend’s welterweight showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Jessie Vargas.  Unfortunately many in boxing are not happy about this fight.  So how do you sell a Pacquiao and Vargas fight to boxing fans and the overall public?  PG and Craig both put their promoters hats on and to tell you why you need to see this fight next Saturday night during this edition of Championship Rounds.

Finally, as with the case of every episode of Championship Rounds the guys deliver their “Low Blows” which focus on some of the lowlights going on in sports right now.  PG focuses on why it was more a good news/bad news week for the sport of boxing.  Craig discusses how if Manny Pacquiao wins next week there is without a doubt one fighter’s name that should not come out of Pacquiao’s mouth as a potential future opponent for him.

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