Our friend, and former colleague, Kristen Ledlow was robbed at gunpoint  and carjacked this past Saturday afternoon.

Kristen said in an Instagram post that the men knew who she was, where she lived and were waiting for her when she got home on Saturday afternoon around 3:20 p.m.

The AJC caught up with the APD and were told this:

“One of the male suspects pointed a gun at the victim and took her vehicle,” a red 2016 Corvette, Jones said. Using the car’s tracking device, police located the Corvette in southwest Atlanta about 25 minutes later, police said.

Kristen posted this on her Instagram:


In case the above-embedded post doesn’t show up in your browser, it reads: “Yesterday, I was robbed at gunpoint by three men who knew who I was, where I lived, and were waiting for me when I got home,” Ledlow said. “They stole my car, my purse, my wallet, my phone and worst of all, my sense of security.”

We’re sending good vibes over to our friend and wishing her the best.


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