Rick and John take flight with today’s Slice of Life, the worst people your stuck flying with.

John had a quick 24 round trip flight to Miami and back to see the family. The family is doing ok, unfortunately his flight was a nightmare. He had to do the armrest battle with a fat dude and put up with chatty Cathy. Even his mix tape turned all the way up couldn’t make this flight any better. So we want to know who are the worst people to fly with.

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Rick hates the first class people who bring all their bags to first class. They get free luggage, so enjoy the first class ride! Paul hates the seat invader and the gotta pee every 5 mins. guy. Mark is that guy you don’t want to sit with when he’s flying to Vegas, all giddy and half drunk on the flight out there, hungover and sick the flight back.

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