On this week’s edition of Championship Rounds the Peanut Gallery and Craig Carlos Valentino are back after a brief hiatus with lots to discuss.


First there are some “What if’” fights that are apparently now not happening before the end of 2016.  We now know we won’t see Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs this year.  It was announced this week that the two middleweight titlists wouldn’t be fighting in December as was previously rumored they would in fact do.   Another rumored fight apparently now likely not happening is heavyweight title fight between Anthony Joshua and former undisputed champ Wladamir Klitschko.  Now that it appears both fights likely will not in 2016 which of the two are the guys more disappointed is not going down?  The guys of course don’t agree and debate that very topic.


In 2015 five hundred million dollars was invested into the launch of the Premier Boxing Champions series with the hopes of giving the sport of boxing more exposure and increase its popularity with the masses.  Now a year and a half in what has been the overall effect of the PBC on boxing?  Has the PBC actually hurt more than helped boxing?  Many people have chimed in with their opinion of the PBC so far and of course PG and CCV are no different.


PG feels the PBC was a great idea, but poorly executed. “How are you going to have a fighter like Keith Thurman fight one time in 15 months and expect to build his brand and increase his popularity?”

Like they say with real estate CCV says it comes down to location, location, location with why the PBC hasn’t worked.


“If people don’t know what channel a fight is going to be on how is that helping the fights?  Non hardcore boxing fans are not going out of their way to find fights.”


Evander Holyfield, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Johnny Tapia are the notable first timers on the ballot for the 2017 Boxing Hall of Fame.  Most think all three are first ballot hall of famers.  But it is not unanimous to the guys of Championship Rounds?   The guys weigh in on the first timers in this class and reflect on their careers and if all three truly are first ballot hall of famers.


As is the case with every show the guys finish with a few “Low Blows” which highlight some of the lowlights in the week in boxing.  CCV explains why one fighter should not bring his personal problems to Twitter ever again.  PG finishes up discussing how one current champion’s pick of opponent for his next fight is one of the worst decisions for a champion in boxing history.


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