5. Houston is going to be on the outside of Big 6 Bowl bids…
A devastating loss to Navy not only upended Houston’s chance to play in the CFP but they need help to even get to their Conference Championship game. Two sets of Broncos, Boise St & Western Michigan, more control their destiny plus I also expect Houston to lose to Louisville.

4. Washington is the Real Deal…
It’s not fluky what Washington is doing to teams. It’s the same MO Stanford had been using to win the Pac 12 (Big, physical, run right at you, overpower teams), but this Washington squad has more talent and is what Chris Peterson has been building towards. A CFP appearance isn’t out of the question.

3. Dalvin does the most…
I wrote over a year ago, about FSU’s Dalvin Cook breaking out in CFB. Last year he was sensational despite injuries…This year he looks to be even more complete and I rate him as the best RB in CFB. He doesn’t have the 2nd guy to go with him which makes it more impressive.

2. Bama is all that… And a bag of chips…
I’ve never seen a team who can reload the way Alabama does…It’s why it’s unfair to compare any other program in the nation to them. You know their Defense and its ability to score on its own but their Frosh QB Jalen Hurts has been everything Saban has never had at that position. Good luck beating them or for that matter keeping their D or special teams from scoring.

1. UGA should be better…
I’ve become completely weary this season of the “Woe is me”, “But he’s a 1st-year coach” mantra from UGA & its fan base. Sorry but this team should be playing better. There’s not enough space here to detail all, but every Win for this team seems to be a struggle and they do everything to make their lives more difficult than it should be…And don’t get me started on a Home loss to Vandy whose last Conference road seems like it was sometime around the Eisenhower Administration. It’s time for Kirby, if I may steal a line from the Dean Beau Bock, to put a playing personality on this program.


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