By Mark Owens

Rookie Driver and local boy Chase Elliott is still in the Chase for the Cup and talks about it with Rick and John.

Chase Elliott from Miami on his race to make the Chase. Chase talked about how he manages stress/pressure when it comes to racing. Chase talked about the amount of family and friends who will show up to watch him race at Talladega this weekend. Chase mentioned to us that he is not in a win it all situation and could still get into the chase depending on what other drivers do Sunday.

Chase talked about the Chase University College student program and how college kids can buy tickets to the race for a reasonable price. Chase told us he tries to avoid signing body parts and sticks to shirts and hats. Chase told us about how helpful Jimmy Johnson has been to him as a teammate. Chase told us he is a bulldog fan and is pulling for them but looking forward to next year. Chase said that eventually an athlete has to look out for themselves and their pro career. Chase talked about missing out on his teenage years because he chose to race and work towards his future.

Click below to hear Chase Elliott:



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