By Mark Owens

Falcons lose the worst way ever and it kicks off a Monday 5 at 10.

Rick and a sleep deprived John are back to recap the biggest stories over the weekend. They kick it off with the Falcons loss at Seattle and the no Pass Interference call that could have set up a game winning FG for Atlanta. Everybody in Atlanta agrees that the Dirty Bired were hosed in the call. More NFL news at the Saints beat Carolina and Cam Newton pouted. Big Ben goes down and loses the game in the process. Colin Kaepernick threw a TD but the Bills whipped up on the 49ers.

To the MLB and the Dodgers take the lead in the NLCS and the Indians take a 1 game lead in the ALCS. Finally, the Dawgs lose to, Vandy. Yup. Thats all we will say about that.

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