I woke up with a bit of a hangover Sunday morning; not unusual after a big day of college football, especially when UGA has a home game. However, this headache was not alcohol induced. My head is spinning from the abundance of articles from every sports outlet with headlines like “Was Kirby the Right Choice?” or “Why UGA Fans Should be Very Worried.” A personal favorite… “Is Smart’s Seat Getting Hot?”

I understand that those of us in sports media want and need website clicks to help pay the bills, but “hot seat” talk? That’s an A-plus in Click Bait 101.

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If you are looking for a Georgia fan to crap on the team after a loss where we were a 14-point favorite, then you should “X” out now. I always have been and always will be a UGA homer. I am truly embarrassed by the results in Athens Saturday. Actually, this entire season has been a mess of emotions. But full disclosure, I love this season.

So, here are five reasons I’m loving the 2016 season:

1) We are witnessing a team being built from scratch. It’s not often you get a new head coach (Kirby Smart), a new OC (Jim Chaney), DC (Mel Tucker) and a true freshman QB (Jacob Eason) in the same year. Who didn’t think there would be growing pains? I tried to find a team with the same situation that ended up with a perfect record or even a record-setting season, but found nothing. Yes, the coaching staff has made mistakes, but it’s been seven games. We get to watch a machine being built – sit back and let them work.

2) Weeding out the casual fan. Over the last 20 hours I’ve had to talk a few UGA fans off the ledge, but happily let some fall off. This was not a national-championship team or even a playoff squad. Exactly what were your expectations this season? Despite Eason’s record in high school or the amount of fans that showed up at G-Day, this team is not great. It’s been fun to watch the same fans that claim to “bleed red and black till I die” completely give up. Thanks for your support! See ya in 2017.

3) Regardless of the outcome, every game has been fun (and stressful). We started off big in the win versus UNC and it’s been up and down since then.

  • Barely beating Nicholls State.
  • Watching Eason grow up at Mizzou.
  • Getting our tail whipped all over The Grove (OK, that game sucked).
  • That heartbreaking UT loss proved how passionate we are about UGA.
  • The emotions of when/how will we play South Carolina then throwing any NFL plans we had to the side to watch two mediocre SEC East teams play on Sunday.
  • Finally, over analyzing everything that went wrong against Vandy.
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2016 may not be the most successful, but it will be long talked about.

4) Kirby on the hot seat? The reason I love this is similar to the “casual fan” talk. If you hear someone talk about putting Kirby Smart on the hot seat, nod your head, smile and walk away. This “fan” is an idiot. I love this talk because it makes it very easy to decipher the people who can’t hold an intelligent conversation about football to those who follow the process. This is also the same person that thinks putting shock pads on your stomach will give you six-pack abs.

5) This one is 100 percent selfish. With the team struggling, the last few home games (AU, ULL and GT) will force some massive clearance sales at the bookstore. I’m guilty of being that guy who will buy anything with a “Circle G” on it. Especially on game day in Athens, after a few cold ones. Who wants to spend money on gear promoting a bad team? I do! So, bring it on “Everything-Has-To-Go!” Sale, I’m your favorite customer.

With all that, I predicted we would go 9-3 this season. It looks like it may be closer to 7-5. I had hoped to stay out of the Gator Bowl, but at this point, even a trip to Birmingham looks attractive. However, I’m a homer, so regardless of how the season plays out, I’ll still be in the front row wearing my new UGA shirt (bought on clearance) screaming “We’re No. 1!!!”

Even if we’re down by 20.

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Thanks for Reading and Go Dawgs!