Rick and John are back and ready for a big fight with the 5 at 10.

They kick off the show talking about the station pics and how John is ready for some new promo pics because he looks like a bouncer at a shady establishment. Big Hugh checks in and says, he has more pull and had new head shots done immediately. John gets frustrated.

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To sports and the Falcons who are in game mode for the Seahawks Sunday. Julio has a lot of respect for Sherman and the put a theory on what they did when hanging out. More Falcons prep and injury news. To the NLDS and the Dodgers who had an amazing win over The Nats. Starting pitcher Kershaw got the save. To College Football and the Florida/LSU Game has been rescheduled, who is the winner in all of this? The SEC? Florida? Who gets blamed? Finally, Hawks get a preseason loss, but Dwight balled out. Rick is happy.

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