John Smoltz joined the show to talk some playoffs and about the Braves new manager, John said when building a team you can’t miss on any picks these days, and your trades have to be spot on when they are for the future due to the turnover of players that the league has these days. It takes pitchers these days four years to be a Major league starter, because they are babied in the minors, have a pitch limit early in their major league career, so it takes time.

When asked if the Braves did the right thing by hiring Snitker, John said “I do, you always hear you need a big name, but I think with Snitker the guy’s been around the organization for years, and the team isn’t close to being a contender but he did a great job at the end of the year with this team.”

John asked Smoltize about the development of young pitchers in today’s game, He told us “Teams today are too quick to send pitchers to the bullpen, if I was pitching today I would have never made it, because they wouldn’t have given me time to develop my pitches, that’s the problem, they might look bigger and throw harder these days but I don’t think the pitchers are as developed as they use to be.”



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