If you were planning on turning on the tube to catch the Big Cat at the Safeway this week, well…psych!

This was supposed to be the week Woods started the comeback, but for whatever reason, at least for now, his schedule has pushed it back to December. (For those keeping score, this is the second time he’s pulled the disappearing act).

Some of you may think, “whatever”, while for others, it was time to get hyped to see what he could do from the layoff, I’m one of the latter and I’ll explain why.

Some may think he’s old news, after all, he hasn’t played a competitive round in over a year and hasn’t won since 2013.

I may be in the minority, but I think once he does comeback he will play well. Notice I didn’t say necessarily win, although I do think he has another major, maybe two in him. (I know for those of you falling off the chair in laughter, two words come to mind-Tom Watson. When healthy, Woods is better and mentally tougher).

Reason being, Jesper Parnavik has spent a little practice time with him and said Tiger’s “striping it”. Matter of fact, there’s a few videos of his swing out there and does look pretty good.

The “excuse” he’s given, if that’s what you want to call it, is he’s not “course ready”. Now for those of you who play “serious” golf, know there is a big difference between the driving range and the course. Most people are “range hero’s”, meaning every swing/shot/alignment/lie and yardage is perfect, but taking it to the course is a different story with the wind, undulations, climates, course, pressure in competition, etc.

What Tiger needs to do is get off the range and get on the course. (I’m sure he wouldn’t have any trouble getting some “alone” time at Augusta). I’m not on the same level, but have found that on-course “play practice” is worth ten times more than any range session.

The second thing he needs to do is open the checkbook, swallow the pride and call Butch Harmon.

When Harmon was his instructor, he won more majors, (8); and titles, (34); than any other, (although Hank Haney was close- 6 & 31).

Yes, I think he will be back, just a matter of time and in sheeps’ clothing.


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