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To submit yourself for these jobs, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Originals” (TV)
* In Shape Male & Female “Native Americans” (or look Native American) 18yrs & Older
* Men must be comfortable being shirtless, NO Tattoos, Little Body Hair
* Women – Please submit your pictures w/NO makeup
* Put “Native American” in Subject line

Marinella – Hume Casting

“Originals” (TV)
* REALLY Pregnant Native American (or looks Native American) Women 18yrs & Older
* Native American “INFANT” (or looks Native American) Around One Month Old
* Put “Pregnant Women, or Infant” in Subject line

Hylton Casting

“Upcoming Film Project” (1990’s period piece set in a small southern town)
* Casting the role “Gus” – Caucasian Male w/acting experience 25 – 35yrs
* This specialty Extra Role could be upgraded to a Principal Role
* Height: 6’0–6’5, Large build w/Intimidating look
* Shoots: Multiple dates in October – November (McDonough & Jackson GA.)
* To submit, please visit:

Hylton Casting

“Being Mary Jane” (TV / Season 4)
* Newsroom Crew types – Camera, Grips, Stage Mgr., PA, Hair & Makeup, etc.
* News Anchor types, Core Newsroom extras, Extras w/a High–End Wardrobe
* Also, need EXTRAS of ALL types, looks, & Ethnicities. 18yrs & Older
* To submit, please visit:

Extras Casting Atlanta

“Untitled Project” (TV)
* Super Thin/Skinny Men & Women (All Ethnicities) 18yrs & Older
* Put “Skinny Man, or Woman” in subject line

Extras Casting Atlanta

“Hap and Leonard” (TV)
* Seeking: 1989 or Older (Drivable) Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s
* Put “Older Truck, Van, or SUV” in subject line

Tammy Smith Casting

“Ozark” (Netflix)
Visit Website and Click: Casting Notice
* Guys/Girls to portray Fraternity & Sorority Types for an AWESOME Party scene.
* All Ethnicities 18yrs & Older
* Put “Frat Boy, or Sorority Girl” in subject line.

Get Scene Studios

(Local Acting Studio)
* Register for the October Special Offer – One FREE Improv class
* Send Email: w/Name, Age, Contact Info to:
* Put “Casting Call” in subject line.

Casting TaylorMade

“Multiple Upcoming Projects” (Film/TV)
* Seeking Men & Women who can look like 1980’s (All Ethnicities) 18yrs & Older
* Specifically seeking Women willing to have their hair/bangs cut
* Put “1980’s Look” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

(Casting SIX Projects)
Finding Steve McQueen, 24: Legacy, Avengers, MacGyver, Star, Sleepy Hollow
* To enter their database – Stop by their offices weekdays 11:00am – 5:00pm
235 Peachtree St. NE – Suite 217 – Atlanta, GA. 30303
* Headshots will be taken at their Office.
* Visit website for more info & list of documents to bring:

Central Casting Georgia

“MacGyver” (TV)
URGENT….Submit Photos TODAY… Shoots This Friday (10/14)
* Men/Women w/Upscale Artsy look & Great Wardrobe (All Ethnicities) 21yrs & Older
* MUST Be Available All Day!!
* Put “Art Patron” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

“Star” (TV Movie)
(Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Queen Latifah)
* URGENT…Submit Photos TODAY…Shoots This Friday (10/14)
* Hispanic Females (Who look younger to portray Traffic Girls) 18 – 26yrs
* Bare Face…NO MAKEUP
* Put “Traffic Girl & your phone number” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

“Star” (TV Movie)
(Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Queen Latifah)
URGENT…Shoots Tomorrow/Thursday (10/13)
* Male/Female Hot Looking Club Goers w/Sexy Wardrobe (All Ethnicities) 18yrs & Older
* Put “Sexy Club Goer” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

“Finding Steve McQueen” (Film)
* Seeking ANY and ALL kinds of Vintage (Drivable) Cars.
* Put “Vintage Car” in subject line.


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