As we approach the mid-way point of the College Football season we’ve been treated to many great story lines. Whether its Alabama’s dominance, Houston’s surprise upset, or the emergence of Louisville and Nebraska it’s another topsy turvy season.

There is one story potentially looming that I guarantee you the College Football Playoff Committee doesn’t want to have to think about… The Baylor Bears…

We all know what a disgraceful off-season it was for Baylor’s football program to the point where the Head Coach plus other administrators were forced to leave the University. Baylor even saw its highly recruited QB who played the most games last year transfer out of the program. With all that what was overlooked by many was how much RETURNING talent this team had led by All-American caliber players such as QB Seth Russell, WR KD Cannon, and RB Shock Linwood.

I think most thought that Oklahoma would be the cream of the crop in the Big 12 with Texas emerging from its shadow, TCU & Ok St still being talented, and the gravity of what happened in the offseason including losing a popular HC would be too much for Baylor to, pardon the pun, bear.

Fast forward several weeks and Baylor is 5-0 (Yes still games looming with Texas, Oklahoma, TCU, & hard to believe 4-0 West Virginia) and looks to be the last stand if the Big 12 wants to be in the Final Four of the CFB Playoff. Only Baylor & West Virginia remain undefeated; however, I think most would tell you WVU has little chance to run the table…So for the Big 12 its Baylor or bust…

An undefeated Baylor makes for a nightmare scenario for the CFP Committee… Put the Wonder Woman lasso of truth around any committee member and I think it would be fair to say nobody wants to reward them with a playoff spot… But it will be awfully hard to leave an undefeated Power 5 champ out especially given the fact that Houston has lost, and at best only 1 team from the Big 10, Pac 12, and ACC can be undefeated.

We’ve come to expect the unexpected to happen in CFB so most likely this scenario will work itself out… But I have a sneaking suspicion many members of the College Football Playoff Committee are secretly rooting against Baylor… Oh, not me though… I’m rooting for them all the way… You know how I LOVE chaos!


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